Grants and Projects

AHEAD GRANT (2019-2022)

Faculty Development Project Faculty of Agriculture Rajarata University of Sri Lanka funded by AHEAD (120 million LKR) successfully completed and improved the quality of its education through enriching learning, teaching, assessment, and English language skills. Five carefully designed activities were conducted to empower graduates to broader expectations of the employment environment.

Enriching OBE/LCT approaches in B.Sc. Agriculture degree programme was performed with the new curriculum and teaching and learning were inculcated with OBE-LCT & SEL concepts.

Two new GPA-contributing courses and upgraded lessons in existing English courses allowed students’ boost their confidence in a dynamic English learning environment. A self-faced virtual language assistance had been set to support students in different learning capabilities

The in-class learning and practical learning was supported with many upgrades and goods that created a conducive environment for student learning to make the OBE-LCT approaches a reality

Certificate of Successful Completion